Our Instructors are the best in the business!

Each of our instructors are highly experienced in the Beechjet series model.  They have 1000's of hours of real-world corporate flight experience and love to work with clients.   Our instructors teach in a style that emphasizes safety, professionalism and real world flight operations. 

Diamond IA (MU-300) or Nextant 400XTI?

Our instructors have flown each variant of the Beechjet series.  From the oldest MU-300s to the latest Nextants and G5000 equipped aircraft.  That means you'll be getting tailored expert instruction on your model rather than a generic course.

Real life Beechjet experience

Our instructors are experts in the Beechjet, with many years of BE-400 flight and instructional experience in Part 91, Part 135 and the military.  Don't take your chances with a sim instructor that never been in an actual Beechjet.

Have questions?

Contact us today!  Call us anytime at 507-933-0787.